India is the third largest lubricants market in the world, very competitive, very dynamic with a lot of variety and opportunity for manufacturers and marketers to differentiate value and service.

Since the beginning, the Indian automotive industry has been served well by the lubricants and Fuel Suppliers. Major engine design and component changes are forthcoming since indian legislation decided to move directly to Euro VI emission norms from the present hybrid Euro III / Euro IV norms. Once again the Indian lubricants industry is well prepared with the right base oils and additive systems to protect complex catalysts in exhaust after treatment devices of trucks, cars, power generation and off the road equipment.

In addition, the close assembly tolerances present in modern engine and driveline assemblies allow well-engineered lubricants to contribute to fuel economy lowering the overall carbon footprint.

Electrification of passenger automotive vehicles will see a very long period of hybrid vehicles and hence a continued collaboration between lubricants and automotive personnel, thus the passion to design and manufacture high quality will be the hall mark for the next 50 years of this business.