commercial lab

The diversification of a commercial lab emanates from ULTRA's proximity to the automotive, construction, infrastructure and mining sector.

Why Used Oil Testing?
Oil Analysis program of used Oil is a vital part in today's good maintenance. Oil analysis makes it possible to literally look inside an engine, transmission or hydraulic system. One of the keys to keeping machinery operating at optimal performance involves monitoring and analyzing the properties of its lubricant oils for characteristics such as contamination, chemical content and viscosity.

Why Ultra Labs?

Precision and Quality testing-
Having vast experience in lube oil industry, our clients can be assured that they are testing with a laboratory that knows oil analysis better.

Software Support -
Our customers have access to our customized and well designed software which helps them to know the status
of their samples, view reports and perform trend analysis.

Fast and Accurate -
We are fast and accurate. Our modern equipment's and software allows us to deliver accurate reports on time.

Interpretation and Recommendation -
Through expert tribologists and strong technical supports, Ultra is able to deliver packaged and targeted solutions and information, to support our clients' unique business requirements.

Ultra is well known for its ability to adopt changing clients' environment and situations and for Its commitment to provide leading solutions through quality services.

Established R & D support
Being lube oil blenders to many multinationals Ultra Lab provides R & D support to our customers.

Laboratory Achievements
Ultra Lab participates in various national / international proficiency testing programme such as ASTM round robin, Shell LLCS, BPCL PT programme throughout the year as part of continual improvement.