"ULTRA" was incorporated in year 1993, originally as a consultancy organization for lubricating oil industry.

Foreseeing the demand for 'Quality Manufacturers for New Generation vehicles' - catering to the Multinational quality standards, Ultra set up a 'State-of-the-Art' manufacturing facility at Navi Mumbai in the year 1994.

During the course of last 2 decades, driven by the demand from the MNCs, Ultra has grown 12 folds from initial capacity of 12,000 KL/A to 160000 KL/A [IN 2 plants].
Ultra have facilities to blend all types of lube oils [viz., Engine oils, Gear Oils, Transmission oils, industrial oils etc,]., Super clean oils & specialty products [Coolants & Break fluids], Viscosity modifiers etc, catering about 700 SKUs for different clients.

In the year 2012-13, both our units produced 100,000 tons, making us the biggest lube oil producer in the country.

For the last 10 years, Ultra have been extending services to diagnose the internal condition of oil-wetted components and to provide valuable information about lubricants serviceability. This condition monitoring of engines and lubricants was extended to only our lube oil customers.

Ultra Plus Lubes Pvt. Ltd.

ULTRA's state of the art blending plant was inaugurated in 1994 by Mr. Michael B. Porter, Director, Valvoline Asia Pacific.
ULTRA produced 84,000 KL of lube oils in approx.450 SKUs during the year 2012-13.
ULTRA presently caters to several multinational corporations viz. GS Caltex India Ltd.
ULTRA has altogether 14 filling lines capable of filling from 40 ml pouches to 210 Ltr. barrels.
ULTRA also has facility for in-house VII solubalization of various grades of Viscosity Index Improvers (VII).
ULTRA is equipped with 'Super Clean Filtration facility' capable of supplying around 200KL per Month of NAS '0' (on-line) Super Cleaned oil to their esteemed customers.

West Coast Lubricants Pvt. Ltd.

WEST COAST has a capacity of 60,000 KL with provision for expansion; plant also has facility for captive production of VI improvers.

WEST COAST presently caters to several multinational corporations viz. Castrol Irc Ltd (ABP Subsidiary), Shell India Marketing Pvt. Ltd., BASF.

WEST COAST is having altogether 15 filling lines capable of filling from 40 ml pouches to 210 Ltr. barrels.

WEST COAST facility can handle two days inventory for all customers i.e. 400 KL in all assorted packs & is well equipped with forklifts, goods lifts & conveyors.

Our Clients

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